CFP – 2023 Conference in Lisbon

We invite you to submit papers for the conference “The Value of Scientific Representation. Classic Issues and Contemporary Challenges”, that will take place at the NOVA University of Lisbon on June 21st-22nd, 2023.
Keynote Speakers: Alisa Bokulich (Boston University) and Michela Massimi (The University of Edinburgh).
Organized within the activities of the research project “Mary B. Hesse’s ‘new epistemology’. Principles and Legacy” (FCT/IFILNOVA), the conference aims to explore issues from the current debate on scientific representation that may be – directly or indirectly – connected with Hesse’s theoretical understanding of science. On a general level, we would like the speakers to engage with open questions related with the value of the scientific world-explanation from a variety of viewpoints that should not be limited to a philosophical or linguistic analysis of the issues explored, but may also involve contributions devoted to classic figures of the history and philosophy of science.
Possible topics may include:
– The epistemic function and value of scientific modelling;
– Varieties of figurative representations in science (metaphors, analogies, fictions, perspectives, frames, etc.);
– Scientific realism vs. relativism and instrumentalism;
– Analytic vs. historic philosophy of science;
– Coherence vs. correspondence theories of truth;
– Hermeneutic understanding of the natural sciences;
– Classic engagements with scientific representation;
– History, development and discussion of positivist and/or empiricist epistemology;
– Contribution to the philosophy of science of leading figures of the so-called “post-empiricist” turn (Quine, Kuhn, Feyerabend, etc.);
Reference to Hesse’s work and preferred issues will be very much appreciated, although it is not required.
Deadline for Submission: March 14th, 2023
Notification of Acceptance: March 30th, 2023
Abstracts in English and not exceeding 300 words can be sent to Pietro Gori at the following address: