In natural science data is not detachable from theory,
for what count as data are determined
in the light of some theoretical interpretation,
and the facts themselves have to be
reconstructed in the light of interpretation

— M. Hesse
  • Symposium on Pragmatism and/on Science and Scientism
    As an outcome of our research project a Symposium on “Pragmatism and/on Science and Scientism” has been edited by Pietro Gori and Rachel Cristy for the European Journal of Pragmatism and American Philosophy. The aim of the Symposium is to explore the relationship of pragmatist philosophy with both science and scientism throughout the history of […]
  • Inference and Representation
    On November 24th, 2023, at 5PM (London/Lisbon), Mauricio Suárez will present his new book on “Inference and Representation” (UCP 2024) at the Institute of Philosophy of the NOVA University of Lisbon. The book launch will also be transmitted online. In this book, Suárez develops a conception of representation that delivers a compelling account of modeling […]
  • Nice article on Hesse
    The 2022 article “The lady vanishes” by Ann-Sophie Barwich, published on the online magazine AEON, is devoted to Mary Hesse. It is an interesting peice where Barwich argues that “the overwhelming absence of women in intellectual history is constructed. And we won’t prevent the fading of women from future history simply with an occasional reminder […]
  • Hesse on Materiality and Induction
    The next session of our research seminar will be in charge of Francesco Nappo, from the Politecnico of Milan. On October 24th, starting at 11:00, he will deliver a paper titled “Mary Hesse on Materiality and Induction“. Aim of this paper is to discuss one of the most widespread misinterpretations of Hesse’s works, which concerns […]
  • Pietro Gori @EPISTRAN preliminary meeting
    In the occasion of the EPISTRAN preliminary meeting that will take place on July 2023, 13th and 14th (NOVA/FCSH + online), Pietro Gori will deliver an exploratory paper titled “Expanding the epistemological framework of natural science. Mary Hesse (and Thomas Kuhn) on Hermeneutics, Translation, and Interpretation“. The paper will be focused on Mary Hesse’s hermeneutic […]
  • EPISTRAN project
    Within the activities on Mary Hesse’s view of scientific knowledge, part of the research team joined the project on “Epistemic Translation:  Towards an Ecology of Knowledges” (EPISTRAN) launched in Spring 2023 at the FCSH/NOVA University of Lisbon.  Responding to a challenge raised by Douglas Robinson in the conclusion of his book Translationality (2017: 200-202), the EPISTRAN […]