MA Scholarship in Philosophy of Science

It is now open the tender for the award of 1 Scholarship for MA students. The succesful candidate will join the team of the research project ‘Mary B. Hesse’s ‘New Epistemology’. Principles and Legacy’ financed by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology, and hosted by IFILNOVA.
The fellow researcher will work on issues related to the problem of scientific knowledge, with a focus on scientific modelling. Also, s/he will translate into Portuguese a selection of texts by Mary B. Hesse and other authors of the post-empiricist tradition that will be published by a national publisher. Finally, the fellow researcher is expected to help in the organization of talks, conferences and seminars, participate in the project meetings and in related events organized by IFILNOVA’s Laboratory of Culture and Values, which hosts the project.
The fellow will work under the scientific orientation of Pietro Gori.
The relevant information is provided here



The video of the opening meeting of our project is now available online! 
related research

Philosophical Inquiries on Hesse

The 2015 issue of the journal “Philosophical Inquiries” (vol. 3/1) hosted papers dedicated to reflections on themes related with Mary Hesse’s investigation (e.g. analogies and the cognitive functions of metaphors in the natural sciences;  metaphorical hermeneutics; the cognitive role of metaphors in teaching science; etc.).