Research Team

Pietro Gori is the PI of the project. PhD in Modern and Contemporary Philosophy (2008), he works as a researcher at the Institute of Philosophy of the NOVA University of Lisbon, where he is also in charge for the chair of Philosophy of Science.
Nuno Venturinha is the co-PI of the project. He is a tenured faculty member and currently Deputy Head of the Department of Philosophy at the NOVA University of Lisbon.
Maria Grazia Rossi (PhD in Cognitive Science, 2012) works as a postdoc researcher. Her current research focuses on the role of metaphors as argumentative tools in the context of healthcare communication. 
Fabrizio Macagno (Ph.D. UCSC, Milan, 2008) works as an assistant professor at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa. He published extensively on definition, presupposition, argumentation schemes, and dialogue analysis.
Camila Lobo is a PhD student in Philosophy at Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas da Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Her research interests range from social epistemology, to feminist theory, philosophy of language and Wittgensteinian philosophy.
Ricardo N. Henriques is a PhD student in Philosophy at Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas – Universidade Nova de Lisboa, with a thesis on “The Vertigo of Belief – Inside Wittgenstein’s Epistemology of Religion”.
Giulia Terzian trained as a philosopher at the University of Bristol, UK. Her broad philosophical interests include the interpretation and role of aesthetic values in scientific and philosophical theorising, and whether expressions of science denial and scepticism  generate new, distinctively epistemic obligations in those who witness their assertion.
Guido Tana is post-doc fellow researcher at the NOVA Institute of Philosophy. He works mostly in Epistemology and History of Philosophy, merging themes and ideas from the philosophy of language, the philosophy mind, and general philosophy of science.
Dima Mohammed is an argumentation scholar specialised in political argumentation, senior research fellow at the NOVA Institute of Philosophy, ArgLab Coordinator, and adjunct professor of communication at the NOVA School of Social Science and Humanities, Portugal.