Special Issue

Steven French edited a special virtual issue of The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science which collects papers by and on Mary Hesse.
The issue appeared in 2017 and can be consulted here.

Mach and Hesse

In 2021, Pietro Gori published an article on “Ernst Mach’s Contribution to the Philosophy of Science in Light of Mary B. Hesse’s Postempiricism” in the The Journal of the International Society for the History of Philosophy of Science (HOPOS).
The paper explores how Mach conceived of the relationship between facts and theories, and approaches this issue in light of Mary B. Hesse’s view of a postempiricist account of natural science. As show by Gori, this view is characterized by a constructivist conception of the relationship between theory and facts that seems to be consistent with Mach’s observations on scientific knowledge.
The paper first explores Hesse’s account of postempiricism and her project of a new epistemology. It then considers Ernst Mach’s conception of facts as the middle term of a triad of concepts that includes thoughts and elements as extreme terms. Finally, the paper will offer concluding remarks on Mach’s contribution to the debate on scientific realism and his attempt to redefine the notions of correspondence and objectivity in science.

An overview

The opening event of our project will take place on the 4th of march, 2022. Pietro Gori (PI of the project) will deliver a paper on Mary B. Hesse’s Postempiricist Epistemology.
The paper will deal with Mary Hesse’s attempt to outline a postempiricist epistemology which might criticize and eventually overcome the traditional (positivist) conception of the relationship between facts and theories.
The session can be attended online by registering at this link.